An Unbiased Honda Sh125 Review

The Honda SH125 is extremely popular in Europe, and the adjusted 2009 hybrid appears as if it may sell well in the UK too. If you want an energy efficient model, you should purchase a proper 125cc motorcycle with gears, instead of a power burning auto transmission. Nonetheless, for convenience and straightforward riding, the SH scores highly.

Originally, the SH125 sold more than all other models in Europe, even though many bikers from the UK were rather cautious about the big sixteen inch wheels. Notwithstanding, this apprehension was unnecessary. The big wheels allow better ride quality and stability, in comparison to the smaller wheels that are used on scooters.


Other changes from the 2009 motorcycle include a rear disc brake, rather than a drum. This change was enacted for both aesthetic purposes, and to rectify any issues with the now discontinued stopper. Aesthetic appeal is the underlying motivation behind other upgrades as well.

Despite its’ popularity, the first SH was slammed for its’ strange appearance (particularly the face). As a result, this has been substantially altered. Now, the visage appears smoother, with more subtle curves. At the rear, the bodywork has sweeping, elegant lines, which provide the SH with a dash of sophistication.

The frame, engine and transmission are unchanged, but that is a good thing, because the power take up is flawless. This means that U turns and traffic trickling are easy. Vibration is all but eradicated and performance is fairly respectable too.

Honda says that the SH provides outstanding emissions and efficiency readings. Nonetheless, the information they give is quite vague, so it’s hard to know for sure. For example, fuel consumption is said to be ninety-seven mpg, however no speed or conditions are mentioned, so this statistic is meaningless.

There is a Honda SH125 review on the web which says that roughly eighty-five mpg is achievable. This assumes full speed on rural roads and intermittent riding in towns. Certainly, this is a more realistic assessment. All in all, with Honda’s reliability and build quality, the SH is better than most other scooters. Take a look at the Motoden website today, for all the latest motorcycles and scooters.

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