Basic Facts You Need to Know About Dwi Felony in Texas

DUI and DWI are very familiar terms when referring to drunk driving. However, a lot of people often get confused on these two. Driving Under Influence (DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) are closely related and only have minor differences. DUI is mainly for those who are below twenty-one years of age. In Texas, people below twenty-one years old are still minors, and therefore, they are not allowed to drive any vehicle when there is a detectable amount of alcohol in their body. For people twenty-one years old and up, the term used when they get caught drunk driving is DWI. The allowable Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in the state is below 0.08. If you are a minor and your BAC is 0.08, and above, you can still get charged for DWI.

When it comes to offenses and punishment, there is no significant difference between DUI and DWI. The only difference you will notice is on the first offense.The penalty for DUI is lighter compared to DWI. For minors, the fine is only a maximum of $500 instead of $2000 just like in DWI. Furthermore, the suspension for Driver’s License is only up to 60 days, and there is no jail time. The accused is instead asked to do community service for twenty to forty hours plus classes on mandatory alcohol awareness.

Is DUI a Felony in Texas?

Since DUI involves minors, a lot are wondering whether DUI is a felony in Texas. The straight answer to that question is yes. All the penalties between DUI and DWI are the same starting on the second offense onwards. Here are the instances when DUI or DWI becomes a felony charge.

DUI on the Third

For DWI, the number of times you go convicted can lead you to have a felony charge. The question now with DUI is how many DUI is a felony in Texas? It is on the third count. When you get charged with DUI or DWI on the third time no matter how far off the differences in time for the charge, you will get a felony charge and the punishments are the same as a DWI Third.

DUI with Intoxication Assault

Even if you are minor when you seriously injured someone due to your drunkenness, you will get a felony charge for Intoxication Assault. You will get tried as an adult, and the consequences are the same one for DWI.

DUI with Manslaughter

Killing someone for whatever reason is terrible. When you kill someone because of you getting drunk, it is called DUI Manslaughter and is punishable as a felony offense. It is the least case of DUI felony, but it does happen. And the consequences of this type of felony are dire.

DUI with Child Passenger

Yes, you may be a minor but drunk driving when you have another minor with you in the car is punishable by a felony charge. If your passenger is fifteen years old and below, you will have to drive carefully and with no alcohol content as it will not just get you in trouble with the law but it could cause injury to many other people including your passenger.

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