Perfect Scooter: Honda Ps125 Review

Over the years, Honda has built a trusted and dependable reputation within the automobile industry. More recently, they have expanded their expertise to include the growing scooter business. Every vehicle that Honda releases for sale is the result of master design and superior craftsmanship. Their commitment to quality is evident in this Honda PS125 review.

One of the most important qualities of any scooter is the comfort experienced by the rider. The PS125 excels in this department. The design of the large seat allows the rider to sit in a more upright, commanding position which helps when navigating through dense traffic and congestion. Mounting the scooter is exceptionally easy and smooth riding is the result of an excellently built suspension.

The PS in this scooter’s name actually stands for Perfect Scooter and the qualities which it possesses support this bold title. The 125cc engine utilizes a liquid-cooled 4 stroke design with fuel injection. The Honda PS125 will reach speeds of 65 miles per hour. However, the best speed for an optimal ride seems to be around 50 miles per hour. The maximum torque is 11.5 Nm/7,000 min-1 and boasts a comp ratio of 11-1. Storage space is quite abundant for such a scooter.

Underneath the roomy seat is a generously sized storage compartment. Most riders find that they can store tools, gloves and even their helmet within the space. Gas mileage is also a positive feature of the PS125 as it seems to average around 100 miles per tank of gas.

True to their reputation, Honda seems to have added another high quality product to their arsenal of vehicles. The scooter is an attractive, sleek and expensive looking bike. Its lightweight design allows for safe, easier handling in all driving conditions.

A nice feature for those who seem to have a difficult time with smooth braking on other motor bikes is the linked brake system used by this Honda. The budget friendly price is also a pleasant surprise for those who research this particular line of Honda scooters. Interested customers should check out for more information related to the PS125.

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