Safety and Lush Accessories for the Piaggio Mp3

The design of Piaggio’s MP3 motor scooter seems to be divine. Even with the stability provided by the added wheel on the front of the bike and its ability to reach dominating speeds, this 3-wheeler boasts a suspension that enables it to handle quick turns with ease. Even those who would ordinarily fear the ride feel secure. This Piaggio MP3 review puts that security to the test.

The Motor

There is nothing dazzling about the 4 stroke, 250cc engine of this bike. By all accounts, its automatic transmission makes it an ordinary machine with typical plain, unimaginative power. Perhaps this humdrum pull can be blamed on the added weight that dampens the acceleration and muffs out the vehicle’s top speed. Enthusiasts would do good to remember the primary intended use for the bike: It is not meant to be a showcase for speed and luxury. Its designers focused more on gas economy than they did the thrill of the ride.

Piaggio MP3

On the Road

What you get in terms of safety in this scooter, you might feel that you lose in speed around corners. The additional wheel on the front of the MP3 limits quickness around curves. However, it gets high marks for adaptability in adverse weather conditions. The wheels stay snug on the road during sudden downpours, and reliable brakes offer a solid backup plan if there ever is a slip. There is even a remedy for the rare brake lock-up. You can slow down and stop without using your feet by locking the tilting end on the front of the bike and ensuring you cut your speed under 5 mph. Maybe another valid complaint could be lodged for the suspension noise when passing over potholes, but this is not a shortcoming that significantly drives down the value of the bike.


There is ample room in the storage area under the seat to tuck away everything you might need with you on the road. It can hold suitcases or two full helmets. It is easy to keep an eye on fuel, bike temperatures and the time with a fully functional dashboard. Safety features include a handbrake and a center stand. The steering lock, however, makes that center stand rarely needed.

Trustworthiness and Quality

There are no built-in guarantees for automatic upkeep. You should expect to do regular maintenance and care to prevent suspension problems and engine erosion. In spite of this, the Piaggio MP3 is a trusted brand.

Piaggio MP3 Review Bottom Line

This scooter comes in at a £4,199 ($5,625.65 USD) price point that many buyers would say is slightly out of reach. What they are paying for, however, is the outstanding safety features and fine accessories. In the end, it is likely a small price to pay for avoiding public transportation. Motoden has the scooter that is right for you, so make an appointment today.

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